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Shooting Events



Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to fire an AK47 or a Soviet Dragunov Sniper? This is the place for you. A fully equipped shooting range just 30 minutes from Prague, professional English-speaking staff that takes safety seriously and a wide range of guns – all for unbeatable prices.

Choose your own pickup time:
All year round
Monday—Sunday from 08:00 to 19:00

VIP PACK: 13 Guns & 110 ShotsAK47 Kalashnikov, SNIPER rifle SVD Dragunov, AR15 (M16) Assault rifle, SA vz. 58 Assault rifle, SHOTGUN Saiga, SHOTGUN Winchester, REVOLVER Smith & Wesson, REVOLVER Ruger Super Redhawk, UZI SMG Submachine gun, CARABINE .45 ACP Beretta, PISTOL .45 ACP Heckler & Koch, PISTOL 9mm Heckler & Koch, PISTOL 9mm Luger Glock4 500 Kč
SNIPER PACK: 5 guns & 50 shotsDragunov Sniper Rifle, AR15 (M16) sniper rifle, M14 Sniper Rifle, FN FAL Sniper Rifle, Remington Sniper Rifle4 000 Kč
TOP TEN: 10 Guns & 75 ShotsAK 47 Kalashnikov, SA 58 Assault Rifle, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, AR 15 .223 Remington, Shotgun, Scorpion SA 61, SCORPION EVO, Revolver .357 Magnum, Glock 17, Pistol .453 500 Kč
SEVEN PACK: 7 guns & 55 shotsAK47 Kalashnikov, SNIPER rifle Dragunov, AR15 (M16) Assault rifle, SHOTGUN Winchester, REVOLVER S&W, UZI SMG Submachin, PISTOL 9 mm3 200 Kč
BIG FIVE: 5 Guns & 50 ShotsAK47, SNIPER rifle SVD Dragunov, AR15 (M16) Assault rifle, SHOTGUN Winchester, UZI SMG Submachine gun3 000 Kč
LADIES PACK: 3 guns & 30 shotsPistol .22, AR 15 .22, Scorpion SA1 810 Kč
TRIPLE PACK: 3 Guns & 30 ShotsAK47 Kalashnikov, SHOTGUN Winchester Defender, PISTOL Glock 171 800 Kč
DUO PACK: 2 Guns & 30 ShotsAK47 Kalashnikov, AR15 (M16) Assault rifle1 800 Kč

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